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satan is hot as fuck tho did u ever read the bible he was supposed to be super beautiful like DAMN boy

sell my soul more like sell my virginity


that would be AWFUL i’d have nothing to do down there

oh wait


40,209 notes and there isn’t a supernatural gif

let’s keep it that way

wait for it

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1. Thou Shalt Not Assume Background Knowledge of Characters

2. Thou Shalt Not God Mode or Power Play

3. Thou Shalt Communicate With Thine Partners

4. Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder (Of Partner’s Characters Unless Discussed)

5. Thou Shalt Not Send Anonymous Hate

Simple rules to live by in the roleplaying world. If you have more then feel free to add. This is essentially a public service announcement of some simple roleplaying rules to ensure everyone has a good time. I understand that this is really just playing, but that doesn’t mean you can be a dick or you can go without playing well.

6. Thou shalt not force ships upon another mun or character

7. Thou shalt tag their smut

8. Thou Shalt Read, Respect and Follow The Rules of Thine RP Partner

9. Thou Shalt Not Reblog a Thread Thou is Not Involved in

10. Thou Shalt Not Shame Thine Fellow RPer for Thy Preferences

11.  Thou shall not badger a parter for a reply

12.  Thou shall not badger a fellow rper for their crossover ship.

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Anonymous asked:

Is there really a Vampire Encyclopedia? It seems like it would be helpful for a Hellsing OC Creator!


Yep! I got it back in like 5th grade, give me a moment and I’ll do some net searching and see if I can find the writer, publication dates, ETC.

It’s really thorough, it even goes into different sub-species of the vampire from various mythologies.

Here is an Amazon Link, if anyone’s interested/

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