Mun: Just a little “I’m not dead” dump. I’ve recently been obsessed with these two dorks. It’s taken 5 years, but I can finally draw them like this. Willow is one of my oldest characters. She was made maybe in the 5th grade? She’s had a lot of development and used to be a symbol of my denial of being gay furry trash. Sascha was made probably a year ago. She was originally supposed to be paired off to another charrie in a story of mine. But, of course, I thought of lil crackships and this was one of them. Joke enough about something and it becomes canon it seems! These two went from being static, flat characters to these cute dorks. I’ve never developed clothes for them I’m so lazy oh well skin practice


Happy Halloween!

I’m doing my first ever Tumblr giveaway this month. I’m an elementary school teacher and lover of all things Halloween. Every year I decorate classroom and make quite a few baskets and bags for my students and the trick-or-treaters who visit my home. Since I buy new things every year, I also have a lot of things left over.

This morning, I was sorting through everything and I realized I could probably make a dozen (12) grab bags and ship them out to my followers, so that’s what I’m doing!

Halloween Bags will include:
☠ Toys, Stickers…
☠ Pencils, Books…
☠ Balloons, Buttons…
☠ Decals, Puzzles…
☠ Games, Mugs…
☠ Cauldrons, Bookmarks…
☠ Lights, Tombstones…
☠ Decorations, Crafts…
☠ Cosmetics, Magnets…
☠ Paint, Paper Cut-outs…
☠ And More!

Everything will have a Halloween theme! The only thing ((not)) included are edible things!

Giveaway Rules
☠ Reblog this post (no limit)
☠ Follow this blog (click here)
☠ No giveaway blogs

This is going to be a really quick giveaway that starts today October 1st and ends on October 20th. So, it’s about two weeks. This should give me enough time to get these to you before the 31st!

Good luck and please make sure you have your inbox open!

Mun: Just a doodle. I’m testing some brushes on sai to see which ones do what. I really like this one so far. It’s probably not going to be in my portfolio for fareast unless I run out of time. I still have two wips to go and 4 more pieces to plan.

Mun: Answering a few asks. Doodles. Maybe a few requests.

Offline, have a video of a bunny

Mun: yo, im doing a if anyone’s interested. Its mainly doodles and maybe small requests

Mun: Ack, sorry I haven’t been on. Too much work to do and yesterday we went out to eat for my birthday depending on your timezone it should be my birthday today

Mun: A quick sketch of Wolfie and Delilah before I start homework. Delilah belongs to ask-offenderman

Mun: I haven’t been active much due to school and loss of interest, but I’ve decided to start up again! Fridays/Saturdays will be devoted to responses and Sunday will be for asks. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up with this.

Different Types of Opals


Andamooka Rough Opal


Black Opal


Boulder Opal


Fossilized Opal


Ocean Opal


Raw Fire Opal


Tree Fossil with Opal Rings